The Complete Toolkit

One Mindful Mind is an interactive print tool kit that fosters positive psychology among children, by helping parents turn into counselors. It aims to cultivate healthy and resilient minds through activity-based learning.


It has 5 simple tools that can be used at your pace and convenience.


1. The Feeling Flashcards are a set of 12 illustrative cards listing day-to-day feelings and coping mechanisms.


2. The Mood Journal records the child’s daily thoughts.

3. The Thought Cards are an escape into art therapy and self reflection.

4. The Mindful Workbook has all kinds of fun and wonderful self-reflective activities through stories, poems, and interactive exercises on factors affecting mental health such as self-esteem, anger management, social skills etc.

5. The Parental Guide is a comprehensive handbook listing external resources and useful contacts for your child’s mental health.

  • Available. We wrap with utmost love and care for a developing mind. The little one is sure to love it!


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